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Truckers for Charity matches volunteers with people in need, whether such need arises from disaster, attack, or humanitarian causes. We work with first responders and people “on site” at afflicted areas to understand what type of trucks and equipment are necessary to provide relief. We seek out needs from American Red Cross, FEMA, and other government agencies.
Tuckers   We work with church groups and other volunteer organizations that have a vital interest in our mission.

We then search our database of volunteers who can meet the requirements and mobilize to the area in need.
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We know that Owners and Operators are used to being on the move. They don’t like to be stationary. Truckers for Charity can leverage their “down time” by putting their skills and equipment to good use. We build goodwill and camaraderie between truckers and communities. And what goes around, comes around!

We know that volunteering is not just about spending personal time, but that operating trucks and equipment cost money. We work with local businesses and individuals that can help provide financial offset to the truckers for such expense items as fuel, highway tolls, maintenance and insurance.
We also encourage businesses to patronize Truckers for Charity members. Yes, we believe that our Members are special because they are willing to give in the time of need. Do you know what it costs to lease a truck or heavy equipment? We do, and it’s a lot! Our Members are donating their life-blood to help others. Therefore, we do everything we can, and ask others to join us, in helping our American Truckers to roll!

Because that’s the way we roll!
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