Tuckers   We seek volunteers who are owners or operators of trucks, trailers, off-road vehicles, heavy equipment, or fire and life safety rescue equipment to help us help others in times of need.

By registering, you provide a way for us to let you know when and where your help could be needed. You also show your commitment to your neighbors, community and country!
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Truckers for Charity provides technical assistance, resources and coordination on Awareness, Prevention, Protection, Response and Recovery activities for disasters, emergencies and terrorist attacks. Truckers for Charity is a private organization dedicated to soliciting and coordinating trucks, off-road vehicles, and equipment along with their operators to band together to help Americans during times of disaster.
  We represent a humanitarian group of volunteers motivated by the simple principal of helping our neighbors and victims in their time of need - whether through a disaster, emergency, terrorist attack, community service, or assisting the less fortunate. We identify and mobilize trucks, off-road vehicles and specialty equipment to help American neighborhoods across the country in times of need.
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